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Author: jtg

Port of London Denton Wharf

Port of London appointed RNB Solar as principal contractor for the design and installation of a new 168kw solar installation to their Denton wharf site in late October 2023.

We was to provide a complete turnkey service comprising of structural surveying the existing roof, steel strengthening works to maximise the amount of solar panels that could be installed onto the roof area , internal decorating services and fire stopping. All scaffolding and access requirements, project management as well as the design and installation of our solar system.

Al of the above had to be managed and installed before a deadline of the 29th December 2023. With the help of some fantastic sub-contractors and the co-ordination between ourselves and the port of London we was able to complete this project a week ahead of schedule , with practical completion and UKPN witness testing completed on the 23rd December.

As of the end of February 2024 the installed system had so far produced over 10 Megawatt of energy which the clients were incredibly pleased with giving the inclement weather conditions for this time of year.

Splashes Leisure Centre Gillingham

RNB was appointed to install a 164 kw flat roof installation at the splashes new build leisure centre in September 2023, with Wilmott Dixon as the main contractor. With this being a flat roof system we had the complex issue of working out how to safely load out 23 tonnes of equipment and ballast onto the new roof area on a single day without disrupting the areas where all the solar was to be installed. Due to this being a felt roof moving pallets of ballast and equipment once placed was not an option, so load calculations had to be made. Working closely with Wilmott Dixon, Thanet cranes and the structural designers we was able to come up with a plan that worked for all parties .with the height of this building and working throughout November and December weather was not on our side but again RNB’s team of engineers managed to get this installation completed on schedule , and the end product looks amazing.

RNB are looking forward to working on the next project with Wilmott Dixon and are currently tendering for them at present.

Greyfriars Church

Greyfriars Church decided to undertake a development project to transform their traditional church to give them more space, facilities and make them more welcoming to the local community. This involved transforming the church by building a new foyer, coffee shop/cafe area and bookshop – as well as building new toilets and office block.RNB Ltd carried out the full M & E installations for the new foyer, shop, cafe area, new toilets and also the office block. We are starting Phase 2 in July 2022 for the new build 3 storey community centre. We completed this project in Aug 2021.

Harness the Sun’s Power: Elevate Your Business with Commercial Solar

Also be a champion of sustainability?

Introducing commercial solar: an investment that turns sunlight into savings, reduces your carbon footprint, and positions your brand as an environmentally responsible leader.

Remember those high electricity bills? Imagine slashing them by up to 80%, locking in predictable energy costs, and boosting your profit margins. With solar, you’ll generate clean, renewable electricity directly onsite, reducing reliance on the grid and volatile pricing.

Funding Available: No Upfront costs: This could all be at Zero upfront cost by yourselves. We work closely with a Funding Partner who would pay us directly for the completed works once the Solar is installed and the Savings on your Energy bill are typically greater than your payment plan instalments- Making your purchase Cash Flow Positive. (See example below).

Sustainability matters to your customers: 78% of consumers consider a company’s environmental practices when making purchasing decisions. By going solar, you send a powerful message about your commitment to the planet, attracting eco-conscious buyers and enhancing your brand image.

Think beyond savings: Going solar isn’t just good for the environment and your wallet; it’s also smart business. Tax credits and incentives significantly reduce upfront costs, making the payback period quicker than ever. Additionally, increased property value and the potential for net metering are further incentives.

We understand businesses: Our team of experienced engineers and installers works with companies like yours to design and implement customized solar solutions that seamlessly integrate with your facilities. We handle everything, from permitting and financing to installation and ongoing maintenance, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.

Let’s discuss your specific needs. A free on-site evaluation will assess your roof space, energy consumption, and budget to create a personalized solar plan tailored to your business. If time is precious in the meant time send us a copy of a recent Energy Bill and we will work from that and evaluate a Free No Obligation quote.

Investing in solar is an investment in your future: Lower energy bills, increased profits, and a reputation for sustainability – wouldn’t that make your company shine even brighter?

Contact us today to unlock the power of the sun for your business.

KCC Cricket Club

With the on-set of COVID, RNB assisted Kent CCC to ensure they could provide a safe and comfortable environment for their Professional players and the general public. RNB provided a design and specification for a suitably sized AHU complete with heating and cooling via air source heat pumps.

Chelsea Barracks

Chelsea Barracks is a prestigious neighbourhood in London set within a historic military base. Consisting of high end penthouses, apartment suites and townhouses.

RNB Ltd carried out the full mechanical and electrical fit out to the show apartments and townhouses – including all AV, property cinemas and lighting throughout. We completed this project in Jan 2020.